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Raise the bar on work performance for your company. Happy Healthy Employees offer better work and retention.  Create a strong team that’s dedicated to your company and enjoy the tax write off!

Both Memberships include private sauna and cold plunge access.


Platinum Resiliance 4

This is for company’s with 4 Employees.

Platinum Resilience 6

This is for companies with 6 or 7 employees.

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General Membership



Rise and Thrive With Us

Business Membership

Is an investment in your business to thrive.  In most cases you can write it off as a business expense.  We offer pricing for 4 or 6/7 person teams. 

Private Door Code

Every Member gets thier own personal door code to let themselves in and out.

24/7 Fitness Studio

You can come and go as you like with flexibel 24/7 hours.

Towels & Wraps Provided

Fresh towels and wraps are provided for shower and sauna use.

Large Range of Fitness Equipment

Find your flow with cardio, kettle bells, dead lift, circulation machine and more.

Private Sauna Appointments

Book your own private infrared sauna appoitnemnts with calendar link.

Access to Classes and Events

Enjoy free classes and sound healing as well as Radiant Spa events for women

Refreshment Station

Refresh yourself with organic handmade sprays to ground, soothe or uplift you.

Oxygenated Water

Our water machine increases the oxygen to your water.

Infrared Sauna

How Infrared Works

The way infrared technology works is relatively simple: depending on its wavelength, infrared light penetrates the skin and activates cells to stimulate growth and release,   resulting in the many benefits. The way it technically works is that the infrared light stimulates light receptors in the mitochondria.  

Remember, the mitochondria is like a power plant inside each cell; normally, the energy your cells use comes from glucose or ketones, but light can be used as well. This then produces ATP which helps in so many processes of cell growth of collagen, pain reduction and cellular repair. That’s because far infrared light can penetrate both the epidermis and the dermis (the two outermost layers of the skin) and reach all the way into the fat-rich subcutaneous tissue (also known as subcutaneous or hypodermis) where your sweat glands are located.mem

Membership,Business Membership,Radiance, Radiant Uplift
Membership,Business Membership,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

After Excercise the benefits of inrared combines with cold plunge are amazing to reduces sore muscles, strain and this combination has endless health and welnnes benefits

Infrared Sauna



 Artesian Cold Plunge

We feature a large cold plunge next to the sauna that can help you open up the circulation, reset your body's process and invigorate your spirit. Since Radiance is located on sacred land with an artesian spring the cold plunge has additional benefits of minerals and purity that can only be found in spring water.

   Cold immersions stimulate the Vagus nerve, which lowers the heart rate and reduces stress hormones in the body. In addition, hydrotherapy or cold exposure treatments such as ice baths increase the production of mood-elevating hormones and neurotransmitters, including beta endorphins and dopamine.  Hydrotherapy—particularly cold water exposure—has a remarkable effect on the human body’s immune system. Ice bath benefits are truly endless.

Cold Plunge Benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Immune Boosting
  • Increases circulation
  • Elevates mood
  • Reduces Inflamation and Muscles soreness.
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