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Conscious Fitness & Wellness

RAdiance is your place to tune in with your body, experience conscious fitness and thrive.

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Membership,Radiant Uplift, Radiant Uplift

Ergonomic Water Machines

Work With the water in your body to acheive maximum health and fluid fitness results.

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Infrared Sauna

Your home away from home with this spacious way to detox, boost collagen mood, recover from injury and more.

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Ergonomic Water Machines

With your body 70% water , you will feel the difference water resistance makes in building stregthn anf power.

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Strength tools, suspension, cardio and more

Find your flow, strength and power with the ergonomic machines, flexible free weights our full Rogue power lift weights and more.

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Meditate, lie in the sun and fill your spirit

Radiance offers space to relax and commune with nature as part of your wellness and fitness journey.

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Dumb bells, weighted balls and kettle bells

We have a full array of stregnth tools to bring stregnth and power to your body.

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Radiance is located at Hidden Springs in Ashland, Oregon

This sacred and healing land can support your mind, body and spirit to reach new levels.

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Detox in our infrared sauna and cold Plunge

Relax, rejuvenate, reduce inflamation and heal your body in our spacious infrared sauna.  Maximize your health with our spring fed cold plunge!

Membership,Radiant Uplift, Radiant Uplift

Mindful space- Deep peace and wellness

After 20 years hidden Springs has been holding space for health and wellness for Ashland Community. Radiance is the new branch of this.

EXPERIENCE conscious fitness and come Home to Your body, spirit, and WELL BEING at Radiance.

  • Private sauna appointments via calendar link.
  • Clean spacious well tended fully stocked fitness studio
  • Please reach out to schedule a call.
  • I look forward to talking with you and opening pathways of health, STRENGTH and radiance  to uplift not just your body but your whole being.

Private Door Code

Every Member gets thier own personal door code to let themselves in and out.

24/7 Fitness Studio

You can come and go as you like with flexibel 24/7 hours.

Towels & Wraps Provided

Fresh towels and wraps are provided for shower and sauna use.

Large Range of Fitness Equipment

Find your flow with cardio, kettle bells, dead lift, circulation machine and more.

Platinum Radiance Membership $80

Radiance platinum memberships feature unlimited private infrared sauna appointments via calendar link, as well as access to the fitness studio 7 days a week 24/7.

Private Sauna Appointments

Book your own private infrared sauna appoitnemnts with calendar link.

Access to Classes and Events

Enjoy free classes and sound healing as well as Radiant Spa events for women

Refreshment Station

Refresh yourself with organic handmade sprays to ground, soothe or uplift you.

Oxygenated Water

Our water machine increases the oxygen to your water.

Gold Radiance Membership $70

Sauna only memberships is our gold membership are available as well. Sauna is open for private appointments from 5AM till 8pm. Both memberships feature access to showers, lockers and restroom. 

Private door code

Every member gets thier own door code to enter.

private sauna appointments

Book your private infrared sauna and cold plunge with calendar link.

Towels and Wraps Provided

Towels and wraps provided for shower and sauna

Refreshment station

Refresh yourself with organic handmade sprays to ground, soothe or uplift you.

Detox & Rejuvenate with Infrared Sauna

Activate Strength in the Fitness Studio

Cleanse & Wellness Support

Book a sauna with your Radiance tour

Classes & Events

Queen's Spa & Tea lounge - Women's Drop In

We want to meet you!

Set Up a Call With Solara to Find Out More

Radiance Health and Fitness Sanctuary

1561 Siskiyou Blvd #1 Ashalnd Or 97520

Contact Info

Please Call or Text Solara
(541) 897 2488

Radiance is Located at Hidden springs Retreat Center

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