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No crowds, TV’s. smells or meat market energy. This is a different kind of gym that helps you get in touch with your body and have a mindful fitness journey.

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What is Conscious Fitness @ Radiance?

Tuning in to your body. Coming Home. Clean- Clear breath

Having the space and ability to tune into your body when you work out- rather than having to tune out things that might bother you in a commerical gym setting- such as TV,s music you don’t like, smells or meat market atmosphere where fitness can sometiems feel like a performance.

With consciousness fitness at Radiance we encourage you to tune into your body and drop in and have a much deeper experince with your fitness routine.

We also afeature the light fit advantage which combines breath work visualization and holographic blueproint work to open your consiousness while worling out.

We have a large array of stregnth tools, from deadlift, step box, kettle and dumb bells, cardio and much more. The infrared sauna helps you recover from injury, detox and more.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Radiance Features Light Fit

  • Conscious excercise technique– Learning to open to your higher consciousness to expand your energy, body, mood and regenerative potential.

  • DEEP CYCLE TECHNIQUE Clear emotional Debris with breathwork and a pathways of emotional clearing and body toning and conditioning.

  • Increase your radiance and the frequency of your energy. Learn to eat and breathe light while you are working out and expand the possiblites of your fitness routine.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift
Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift
Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Ergonomic Water machines 


  • Reduces Strain and inflammation Compared to traditional metal weights these machines are much easier on the joints, muscles and sinues while still providing a good work out.

  • Helpful for arthritis or joint issues This is a smooth gliding workout technique that can still create stregnth a nd power

  • We are 70% water- so working out with water bring balence and calm to the system as it is a natural excercise technique.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Dumb bells, weighted balls and kettle bells

We have a full array of stregnth tools to bring tone and power to your body.

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Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Ergonomic Water Machines

Work With the water in your body to acheive maximum health and fluid fitness results.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Detox in our infrared sauna and cold Plunge

Relax, rejuvenate, reduce inflamation and heal your body in our spacious infrared sauna.  Maximize your health with our spring feed cold plunge!

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Infrared Sauna

Your home away from home with this spacious way to detox, boost collagen mood, recover from injury and more.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Strength tools, suspension, cardio and more

Find your flow, stregth and power with the ergonomic machines, flexible free weights our full Rogue power lift weights and more.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Ergonomic Water Machines

With your body 70% water , you will feel the difference water resistance makes in building stregnth and power.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Radiance is located at Hidden Springs in Ashland, Oregon

This sacred and healing land can support your mind, body and spirit to reach new levels.

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Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Meditate, lie in the sun and fill your spirit

Radiance offers space to relax and commune with nature as part of your wellness and fitness journey.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Artisan Cold Plunge Waters

Cold Plunge therapy resets the vega nerve for deep relaxation, burns fat, resets your body and more.

Fitness Studio,Radiance, Radiant Uplift

Mindful space- Deep peace and wellness

After 20 years hidden Springs has been holding space for health and wellness for Ashland Community. Radiance is the new branch of this.

Platinum Membership @ Radiance

Private Door Code

Every Member gets thier own personal door code to let themselves in and out.

24/7 Fitness Studio

You can come and go as you like with flexibel 24/7 hours.

Towels & Wraps Provided

Fresh towels and wraps are provided for shower and sauna use.

Large Range of Fitness Equipment

Find your flow with cardio, kettle bells, dead lift, circulation machine and more.

Private Sauna Appointments

Book your own private infrared sauna appoitnemnts with calendar link.

Access to Classes and Events

Enjoy free classes and sound healing as well as Radiant Spa events for women

Refreshment Station

Refresh yourself with organic handmade sprays to ground, soothe or uplift you.

Oxygenated Water

Our water machine increases the oxygen to your water.

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Radiance Health and Fitness Sanctuary

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Radiance is Located at Hidden springs Retreat Center

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