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At RADIANCE we feature a conscious approach to fitness and wellness.  Tuning  into your body in a mindful and uplifting setting increases your health, frequency and peace of mind tenfold. You will feel the difference at radiance.

How many times have you gone into a standard gym and felt crowded,  overwhelmed and like you just had to deal with it to get some EXERCISE in?  At radiance there are no crowds- smells or TVS and music blaring at you.

Many people AVOID gyms BECAUSE they do not want to be in the meat market and workout in a crowded  heap of people.

Experience the Radiance difference and come home to your body and heart in a clean, clear cultivated fitness studio with an infrared sauna

Solara OnRay Radiance founder,  a 20 year medical intuitive and wellness practitioner, can help cleanse, clear and align your body.

Radiance Health and Fitness Sanctuary

1651 Siskiyou Blvd STE #1 Ashland Or 97520 541 897 2488

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“I am so grateful for RAdiance. It has the perfect set up with the infrared sauna and cold plunge which leaves my body feeling refreshed and renewed.  It is truly a blessing to have this in Ashland. You can feel all the love and care put into it!

Maggie Rose, Current Member

I just wanted to say thank you for cultivating such a lovely healing space. I’m loving my workouts and sauna experiences so much. I’m creating a new routine that feels very nourishing and healing to my system. Thanks for all the intention you’re putting into the space I can feel it!

Shimee Mayer, Current Member


Conscious Fitness & Wellness

RAdiance is your place to tune in with your body, experience conscious fitness and thrive.

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Ergonomic Water Machines

Work With the water in your body to acheive maximum health and fluid fitness results.


Infrared Sauna

Your home away from home with this spacious way to detox, boost collagen mood, recover from injury and more.


Ergonomic Water Machines

With your body 70% water , you will feel the difference water resistance makes in building stregthn anf power.


Strength tools, suspension, cardio and more

Find your flow, strength and power with the ergonomic machines, flexible free weights our full Rogue power lift weights and more.


Meditate, lie in the sun and fill your spirit

Radiance offers space to relax and commune with nature as part of your wellness and fitness journey.


Dumb bells, weighted balls and kettle bells

We have a full array of stregnth tools to bring stregnth and power to your body.


Radiance is located at Hidden Springs in Ashland, Oregon

This sacred and healing land can support your mind, body and spirit to reach new levels.


Detox in our infrared sauna and cold Plunge

Relax, rejuvenate, reduce inflamation and heal your body in our spacious infrared sauna.  Maximize your health with our spring fed cold plunge!


Mindful space- Deep peace and wellness

After 20 years hidden Springs has been holding space for health and wellness for Ashland Community. Radiance is the new branch of this.

Elevate Mind , Body & Spirit

Radiance is a place to come home to your body and awaken deeper wellness and uplifting energy within without the distractions and challenges of crowded gym high traffic environments that can leave you overwhelmed and frazzeled.

This is your time to really tune into the radiant you.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Our Infrared Sauna is spacious and wood lined.  As a member you get private sauna sessions. The benefits are amazing!

*Detoxes Heavy Metals

*Reduces Inflamation and Pain

*Help sleep and Mood

*Boosts Collagen all over

**Only therapy to pull toxins from the fat layer!

Mind- Body Spirit Fitness Possiblites

Many people have only worked out in commercial gyms with blaring music, lots of crowds, meat market energies and often a lack of cleanliness and weird smellls.

Radiance is a completely different experience! We have skylights, retreat grounds, and a clear clean environment to tune into you and your own body and needs. 

Cleanses & Medical Intuitive

At Radiance we desire not just to help you destress and build a strong body, we are interested in helping you at a deep level make a shift in physical symptoms, pain and things holding your health back.

 Solara OnRay has been a professional Medical Intuivefor over 20 years working with Naturopaths, Mds and more. She offers this service as well as cleanses so that your energy, mood and lifestyle can uplift you.

Fitness on Sacred Land

Not everyone notices, but for those who are energy sensetive Radiance is located on a sacred peiece of land that the Native Americans would come to pray at as the spring waterflows through the land. It allows a deeper peace and wellness to flow into all of your work out and sauna sessions. Radiance is cultivated from within and supported her from without.

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Radiance Health and Fitness Sanctuary

1561 Siskiyou Blvd #1 Ashalnd Or 97520

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Please Call or Text Solara
(541) 897 2488

Radiance is Located at Hidden springs Retreat Center

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